Career Advice for Web Developers & Managers

by Johnny Dean, PMP. Industry Expert in Web Development, Ecommerce, Enterprise Technologies, Marketing/UX, Project Management, WordPress. @johnnydeandotco

24 Years

Since 1995, I’ve been fortunate to have managed/developed over 700+ websites, 300+ projects, managed technology teams, developed mobile apps, created new products/brands, PMP Certified, Award-Winning Engineer to successful Entrepreneur, developed Miva Merchant (industry-leading ecommerce platform), and CEO/Founder of a technology startup (acquired by NBC, 2010)


Career advice I would give to anyone working in the web industry.


Team Management

  1. Listen, Learn, then Lead.
  1. Inspire innovation.
  1. Coach your team, help them grow in their talents.

Project Management

  1. Collaboration.
  1. Tickets.
  1. Always always plan for “feature creeps“.


  1. When if comes to web technologies (and development), you get what you pay for. Cheap systems/software/development = cheap results.


  1. Hire passion, not just abilities.


Web Development

  1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. When it comes to front-end programming languages, there are ONLY 3 – . There are noooooooo more then those three. Everything else (front-end) is either a framework or library (i.e. React, Angular, etc) and NOT a programming language.
  1. Challenge what you read/learn online as much of what you read about programming is opinions vs facts.
  1. Good development is NOT about what programming language you use but rather how you write your code. Beautiful code (and disciplined code) always wins.
  1. Websites should be about sharing information (for free). This has always been the core backbone of the web. Content is knowledge.
  1. Don’t rely too heavily on development automation tools and frameworks. Know how to write code manually (not just calling functions).
  1. Responsive” web is NOT true mobile. Responsive design/development is just resizing content/media (CSS) to fit the screen/device. The load time is still that of a desktop experience. Embrace AMP (Amplified Mobile Pages).
Advanced (Engineering)
  1. Never settle in your talents. Web technologies are constantly changing and you need to be able to adapt to changes in all aspects of a web project/website/app.


  1. Always push innovation.
  1. What programming languages to use (front-end/backend) is 90% opinion.



  1. Design and the user experience should be for the customer (online audience).

User Experience

  1. Targeted content (personalized user experience).

Web Industry

Emerging Technologies

  1. Virtual Reality (web experiences inside the VR).
  1. AMP (true “mobile” web, not just responsive web).
  1. Consolidated user data across websites/apps (semantic web).
  1. AI (artificial intelligence) in web design.

Emerging Trends

  1. Ecommerce (digital commerce beyond the web).
  1. Immediate User-Generated Content
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