Award-Winning Career

24+ Year Career. Industry Expert in Web Engineering, Ecommerce, Targeted Marketing, Enterprise Technologies, PHP, WordPress.   Certified PMP, (300+ Projects). Experienced Manager/CTO/CEO. Passionate about User Experience, AI, VR. Ex-Pro Surfer.
Above all, loving Father.

PwC / PricewaterhouseCoopers (health) Impact Networking - Portfolio (100+ Clients) Drupal Experience (13+ years). Go Beyond The Framework. Comcast Partners Portal Blue Health Intelligence SocialSimple - CEO (ecommerce) WordPress Experience (13+ years). Empowering WordPress Beyond a Website. Ecolab (ecommerce) (portal) (health) (app) ATN Trading, Inc. (ecommerce) - CTO (health) ViaSat - Portfolio (30+ Projects) Hitachi - Portfolio (30+ Projects) Modern Postcard - Portfolio (40+ Clients) Verizon, Enterprise 2.0 Project Management Experience. Certified PMP (300+ Projects). - CTO (magazine) Hewlett-Packard Helion DEED (app) - CTO SEAATS (health) Verizon - Portfolio (20+ Projects) Hitachi Enterprise Portal WalMart (fashion) Pizza Hut (ecommerce) Miva Merchant (ecommerce)

23 Year Career

Award-Winning Career in Web, Engineering, Ecommerce, Marketing, and Enterprise Technologies.


Proven Leadership

Team management of Engineers, Creative, and QA. Managing onsite and offshore teams, both small to large (70+).


300+ Projects

Certified PMP. Worked on over 300 projects in corporate, agencies, startups, government, freelance, and SMB.


Startup CEO

Startup Founder/CEO of a successful technology startup in ecommerce SaaS targeted marketing.
Company acquired by NBC.


Testimonials / Recommendations

  • Outstanding Web Manager. His deep knowledge of standards, emerging technologies, and frameworks…
  • Johnny continually demonstrates that you and I, the end users, are his number one priority.
  • Johnny is an extremely personal individual with great business vision coupled with creativity… His skills are desired by many.
  • He’s a visionary who turns complicated and mundane into inspiring and simple.
  • Johnny is a born leader and visionary for web development.
  • Always ahead of the curve. Johnny inspires innovation!
  • Johnny is an enthusiastic and inspiring manager, highly technical and well-versed in the latest web technologies.
  • Real motivator to the developers within his department.
  • Johnny has true passion and ingenuity for all things web and the innate ability to select the perfect individuals to carry out his vision. Aside from that, he’s simply a great guy to work with.
  • Johnny rocks! — He’s one of the few real Internet pioneers.
  • Johnny is an intelligent, innovative and motivated professional.