Experienced CTO. Industry Expert in Ecommerce, Targeted Marketing, Engineering, and WordPress.   Passionate about UX, AI, VR. Ex-Pro Surfer. 24+ Year Career.

Miva Merchant (ecommerce)


Award-winning ecommerce platform. 500,000+ installations.


Featured Project
Company Type:  SMB - Small/Medium.
Project Type:  Application.
Project Role:  Engineer. Team Management.
  San Diego, CA.


  • Lead Engineer
  • Managed modules, API, theme hooks, products, payment gateways, and SDK.
  • Redeveloped modules API from the ground-up (from v.4 to v.5).
  • Used by ebay, PayPal, Monster, MapQuest, Honeywell, Nautica, Foursquare, Dell, and many other high-traffic ecommerce storefronts.