Experienced CTO. Industry Expert in Ecommerce, Targeted Marketing, Engineering, and WordPress.   Passionate about UX, AI, VR. Ex-Pro Surfer. 24+ Year Career.

Miva Now (ecommerce)


Trial to purchase automation of ecommerce platform to 3rd party hosting.


Company Type:  Startup.
Project Type:  Application. Website.
Project Role:  Engineer.
  San Diego, CA.


  • Lead Engineer of product from concept to production.
  • Developed automation applications and scripts to on-the-spot create trial copies of ecommerce platform/software with sample storefronts (products, inventory, payment gateways, etc).
  • Entire ecommerce platform, store, and inventory is packaged at software purchase and can be easily unpacked on many partnering 3rd parting hosting companies.
    • No technical skills or setup required by the customer.
  • Designed and developed “themes” for users to customize the look & feel.
  • Executive staff presented “Miva Now” as a new and exciting solution at annual Developer’s Conference.