Experienced CTO. Industry Expert in Ecommerce, Targeted Marketing, Engineering, and WordPress.   Passionate about UX, AI, VR. Ex-Pro Surfer. 24+ Year Career.

LinkedIn Recommendations

NOTE: These recommendations are only a partial list. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more professional recommendations. https://linkedin.com/in/johnnydeandotco


Johnny is an outstanding Web Manager. His deep knowledge of standards, emerging technologies, and frameworks (in addition to his impressive programming skills) make him a tremendous asset in strategic leadership and technological vision. Johnny is a true TEAM player and pleasure to work with.

Anthony Lloyd (manager)

When Johnny showed me his visual map of projects and priorities throughout our organization, i asked him to autograph it, and i taped it to my desktop. its that good.

Sean Dreilinger (shareholder)

I continue to witness nothing but the sincerest passion from Johnny for web technologies. The new, the old, the now, the wow, the next and the “what will be?” captivate and inspire him. Johnny thrives in the researching, learning, production and creation of what is now known as “Web 2.0”. However, the one thing that stands apart from his passion for web technology is his commitment to the end user. This is his premier passion! This is his critical focus! Johnny continually demonstrates that you and I, the end users, are his number one priority.

I highly recommend Johnny for his vision, excellence and passion to create a new and exciting future of web experiences for us all.

Collen McPhillips (colleague)

I am writing to recommend Johnny as a definite enthusiast of everything web and an active seeker and experimenter of new web trends. While at Interactivate Inc. he was a huge proponent of the wildly successful and popular WordPress blog platform and was very interested in many other collaboration and community related tools. I am sure any companies would find great value in his knowledge and could work with him to create more dynamic web solutions.

Scott Brooks (direct report)

Johnny is an extremely personal individual with great business vision coupled with creativity. This is a very tough combination to find in a person and have had the pleasure of working with him on each side of the client/customer relationship. I would recommend Johnny for any strategic company branding and marketing that would be built with the newest web technologies. His skills are desired by many.

Will Gowen (recruiter)

On a surface Johnny is a “techy” (but don’t be fooled), he’s a dynamic and very creative character unafraid to be challenged, adoptable and respected by others. Working with him is a pleasure but only for those who seek excellence, for he wastes no time on mediocracy. He’s a visionary who turns complicated and mundane into inspiring and simple. Magic happens when Johnny is allowed to create and think without the constraints and rules of the average mind.

Marzena Kmiecik (vendor)

Johnny is a born leader and visionary for web development. He and his highly technical team have interactive strategies and foresight to take social networking to a new level.

Matt  McCullough (colleague)

Johnny is a visionary with a very solid foundation in business. He joined our CEO/Founder’s lunch and has been a great addition. He is very effective at what he does and would be a good partner to align your organization with.

Jimmy Hendrix (group)

Always ahead of the curve. Johnny inspires innovation!

Bernardo Buchsbaum (recruiter)

Johnny is an enthusiastic and inspiring manager, highly technical and well-versed in the latest web technologies.

Ann Lynott (direct report)

Johnny’s technical background and adoption of technology makes him a great person to bounce ideas off during initial stages of client engagement or project. He helped to streamline development processess at Interactivate, and was a real motivator to the developers within his department. He’s definitely the ‘go-to’ guy for anything Web 2.0 that needs to be answered!

Sean Pertil (colleague)

I would highly recommend Johnny! He is an exceptional individual and extremely knowledgeable with everything related to web. I have a great admiration for the vision and creativity he always displays. He is technically very savvy but also has a strong business sense, a terrific combination. Johnny is simply a great guy to be around and I can’t wait to watch him grow IdeaBlue Networks.

Britt Styr (recruiter)

I highly recommend Johnny and anything he gets behind. Johnny has true passion and ingenuity for all things web and the innate ability to select the perfect individuals to carry out his vision. Aside from that, he’s simply a great guy to work with.

Lea Smith (recruiter)

Johnny was fun and full of ideas. He could synthesize an entire web architecture almost intuitively. We worked on a variety of projects together for web-2-print technologies. Johnny was engaging and always improved the overall product. He was the first person I talked to who understood on a deep level the impact social networking would have on the world. If you are looking for a social networking expert to help you capitalize on it for your business, Johnny comes highly recommended.

Greg Wasmuth (colleague)

Johnny is a self motivated, driven, detail oriented individual, who I would highly recommend to lead / manage any web based project. He is highly technical and stays on top of the latest web technologies.

Johnny has a knack for working with people and drawing the best out of them. He adds a certain amount of fun to work to create a more productive environment.

There are very few people that I can deliver such a recommendation and he is one.

Robert Offerman (colleague)

Johnny has a deep knowledge of Web strategies, emerging web technologies and web design & development. He knows how to successfully promote a brand online, integrate his vision across multiple departments and channels, apply the latest web strategies and develop successful online projects and applications. He is a passionate, experienced, talented individual who both inspires and leads. He also has a solid background establishing and managing a successful and collaborative web team of web developers and designers.

Dan Bucko (colleague)

Johnny rocks! — He’s one of the few real Internet pioneers. I would work with/for Johnny anytime. Call me for a reference.

Christian Kamei (group)

While at Modern Postcard Johnny demonstrated in depth knowledge of web based marketing interfaces and solutions. He provided excellent recommendations on how to improve corporate and franchise website functionality as well as supporting infrastructure. Johnny is an intelligent, innovative and motivated professional.

Brian Cupchoy (colleague)


NOTE: These recommendations are only a partial list. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more professional recommendations. https://linkedin.com/in/johnnydeandotco